Article published in 2003

Example 2: Will my older daughter get back in touch with me?

Question by Rachel

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Comments: The psychological block is already revealed in the way the question was asked. In the central column, from bottom to top, are 2 figures attached to an illusion (Devil), rising towards the 2 figures of the Sun reconciled in brotherhood and communication. In the row of solutions, the cord of attachment is cut by Justice, who wears it around her neck.

In the past: problem with controlling her own life (Wheel of Fortune reversed), where she experienced the problems with her daughter; she needed to be firm, to think of herself as fair (Justice).

In the present : the situation is blocked. Both women are chained by mental illusions (The Devil); it takes two to have a dispute!

In the future : problem with choice, with communication between human beings (The Lover reversed), but it is possible to succeed materially (VII) to find a solution (The Chariot in which one can see a telephone booth, with a figure who is looking at the upside down Popess).

Rachel can telephone her daughter, and tell her that she has a problem. The Tarot is answering clearly that communication (XVIIII) is the solution. When Rachel admits that she can just as well make the first move, the Popess can be replaced upright, where she would be looking at (regarding) Justice. After having been firm, she can truly act fairly.

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