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The best teaching in the World on the Tarot

Learn to read the Tarot and learn the Symbolism

Carrying an authentic ancient heritage in the tradition of the Marseillan Master Cardmakers, of which he is the last descendant and guardian, Philippe Camoin has developed a new method for teaching and reading the Tarot de Marseille, adapted for the 21st century. This teaching, unique in the world, puts reading the Tarot within reach of all who are open to experiencing an invisible force hidden behind what we call "fate".

The theoretical part of this method explains the mysterious functioning of the Tarot, in connection with Synchronicity, through a simple study of symbols and the relations between them. This step alone is a mental and spiritual discipline that increases intuition and mental flexibility. The practical part of the method introduces a new method of reading Tarot which is both simple and precise. This method utilizes a unique system based on observation of the symbols, allowing you to make astonishingly accurate interpretations. Not only is this method not tiring, it also functions like an exercise and acts as a mental regenerator for both the reader and the querent.

The Camoin method is also a favorite tool for business people and anyone else who needs specific information to help them make decisions. This method functions extremely well as a decision-making tool, whether the issue concerns career, daily life or romance. The only necessary condition is to be open to some sort of Higher Intelligence…


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Le prospectus de l’Ecole de Tarot Internationale

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