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The Tarot de Marseille


Discover the Tarot de Marseille Camoin-Jodorowsky reconstructed by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Philippe Camoin


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Welcome to the website of Philippe Camoin, descendant and heir to the guardians of the Tarot de Marseille tradition for centuries.
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Essential things to know

All that is important to know right now about the Tarot de Marseille and Philippe Camoin

Más Allá No 177 November 2003

"El Tarot de Maria Magdalena" Interview with Philippe Camoin on the Tarot de Marseille. 5 pages (Spanish) MÁS ALLÁ is the largest Spanish esoteric magazine

Camoin Code

View of the Camoin 3x7 Diagram

Le Mat: the Spatiotemporal Frame of Reference of the Tarot

The Law of the Extremities

The Law of the Regard

The Law of the Regards was invented by Philippe Camoin. It is an original and basic premise of his Method of Teaching and Reading of the Tarot.

The Law of the Solution Card

The Law of the Solution Card was invented by Philippe Camoin to clearly identify solutions to problems that appear in a Tarot consulation.

History of Tarot

The Master Cardmakers of Marseilles for more than 240 years

From 1760 to 1971, the history of the Camoin family parallelled the final saga of the Master Cartiers of Marseilles. In the 18th century, Nicolas Conver appeared in the city’s circle of card manufacturers . The then-flourishing industry began to decline in the 19th century. Only two card-masters survived, one of whom was Jean Baptiste Camoin, successor to Conver in 1861.

The François Tourcaty Tarot

The deck of François Tourcaty is a very interesting deck. But the great majority of the Secret Codes that Philippe Camoin discovered in the Tarot are missing here. One still senses nevertheless the work of an enlightened master cartier as was Nicolas Conver.


The Three Dice of The Juggler

The Rebuilding of the Tarot de Marseille by Alexandre Jodorowsky and myself let us put back the three dice which had disappeared. Here are some explanations of this unexpected Rebuilding.

Jacob’s Ladder in the Tarot de Marseille

The Code of Jacob’s Ladder, discovered by Philippe Camoin. An excellent example of the Secret Codes of the Tarot, one that is simple and marvelous, yet remained hidden from the eyes of the world for several centuries.

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