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Feedback from Students

École Internationale de Tarot de Marseille Camoin

To alumni who are willing to add their testimonials to this list: please send it to us by email at ecole camoin.com telling us who you are and specifying whether you want your full name to appear, or just your first name. Thank you in advance…

Philippe, your teaching is so rich, so profound, so magic. Much appreciation for your great generosity, your discretion, your humility, your tolerance (rare in these times), and your respect for others.

The past year 2003 was for me all about the discovery and deepening of Philippe’s tarot; it was a very beautiful, authentic and unique experience. I will never forget it and I am deeply grateful to you Philippe…


…before anything else, a big thank you to Philippe… for this timeless course!! Out of the ordinary, this moment of eternity.


Hello Philippe,

First of all I want to wish you a very good year.

I also want you to know that the training course was an extraordinary experience.


Hello Philippe,

I wanted to thank you again for the seminar this weekend in Brussels. It truly made me want to go much further.


I am back in Montreal… This course was tremendous and I have not finished contemplating all that it brought to me… I made many friends there with whom I can keep in touch concerning the practice of the Tarot.


The training course was truly great, I learned enormously. You were right. And the lodging was charming.

Again my thanks to you.

Would it be possible to register me for your newsletter to be notified of the dates for the next trainings in the near future?


I think of you often, and I often thank heaven for letting me follow the teachings of Philippe…

Also thank you for all the help you have given me over the last years and I thank you particularly Philippe for all the support that you gave me during the past years; I particularly thank Philippe for his teaching that accompanies me daily in my spiritual growth.


Thank you for these four beautiful days of training… I found them exciting
See you soon in the next training, and again thank you


Hello, I am someone who has just finished the courses of the Camoin method of the Tarot of Marseilles. Before then, I did not know the Tarot at all. And what a change in my life and especially in the life of people who ask me for a reading! A marvellous tool, a mirror of the soul…but a caution to those who predict the future in the long term. We must always keep the notion of free will and in every moment of life we have the freedom to choose. Here is a good way of communicating with the divine world.

posted by a student on an Internet forum

If you wish to go much further in the study of the Tarot, I recommend you attend the courses of reading the Tarot taught by Mr. Philippe Camoin. You will find all the information on the site of his school. I have personally studied his courses full time for two years, and 42 days of trainings as the Philppe Camoin school…

The courses of the Camoin School of Tarot are very interesting if you wish to both learn the Tarot of Marseilles, and at the same time learn more about how to master your own clairvoyant ability and about esotericism…

The courses of the Camoin school, and especially the Advanced course, explore just about all the spiritual traditions; the teaching is very broad.

There are many different spiritual teachings in his restored Tarot deck, and he knows a lot about the subject…

…here are my comments on the Celtic cross spread: from the point of view of serious study of the Tarot, it is completely surpassed by the Camoin method, when one understands that Tarot is a logial discipline, not clairvoyance, but the rational study of Tarot does not prevent the functioning of intuition. From an intuitive or clairvoyant point of view, the Cross spread can suffice quite well with the support of clairvoyant ability, but remains extremely vague if the person is not clairvoyant or very intuitive.

I consult the Tarot every day professionally at my office in Dijon; my clients are able to see and understand by themselves the answers of the Tarot. They do not come to consult with a clairvoyant but with a Tarologist. This is the major difference with the cross spread, where the majority of clients do not understand anything about the answers tarot and are obliged to "trust" in the interpretation or the intuition of the tarot "seer".

Alexandre Troubat (link to his French site)

I want to appreciate the fabulous Tarot Forum and Alexandre, who were my Ariadne’s thread to Philippe Camoin, an encounter of the 3rd kind! All things considered, these four days opened other dimensions to me, the revelation of what the Tarot is: monumental!

A small anecdote: during these four days my wife joined me in Paris, and the evening of her arrival, (we are Bretons), looking for a restaurant randomly in the Parisian streets, at the foot of a streetlight I picked up a Tarot card that was "staring at me"; it was magnificent Judgment. The following day, I hastened to speak about it to Philippe, who took me by the shoulder and said to me "welcome to the club". So………..


Just popping int to tell you that I have truly discovered a very eloquent language of the cards after taking the courses this summer in Saint Maximin at the end of August 2007. Please register me as an alumna. I cannot wait to find another time when I will be free to continue studying with you.

Thank you again for this revelation.

Marie Line

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