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The Camoin Method of Teaching the Tarot

The Philippe Camoin Method of Teaching is entirely new.

And at the same time, students will sense that there is a real awareness which seems to have arisen from the depths of time. After having attended one of the courses, they immediately and intuitively understand that these teachings are the true teachings of the Tarot de Marseille; that there is an authenticity which is not present in any other school.

The method is based on the Laws of Tarot and the Secret Codes of the Tarot, the existence of which Philippe Camoin revealed for the first time in public in 1999 and which are present in the deck of Tarot that he restored in collaboration with Alejandro Jodorowsky.

These laws and codes were named Camoin Laws of Tarot and Camoin Codes of Tarot because no one knew of their existence before they were revealed by Philippe Camoin. These laws and codes are utilised in his Method of Reading the Tarot. For him the laws and codes are the true language of the Tarot; and using the proper logic of Tarot, one can communicate with it and reading of the Tarot thus becomes phenomenal. All the advanced students who had already studied the Tarot witness the extraordinary power hidden behind this method.

The Camoin Codes and Laws of Tarot

No one knew of the existence of the Secret Codes in the structure of the Tarot de Marseille. Philippe Camoin revealed the existence of these Codes in 1999 and of this structure.
He teaches that these codes make many things possible, notably:

  • To decode an esoteric teaching present in the Camoin Tarot de Marseille
  • To perform Tarot readings Tarot utilising these codes, which permit an unequaled level of precision. They are utilised in the Camoin Method of Tarot Reading.
To learn more about the structure of the codes, read the section:
and the subsections
To learn more about the Philippe Camoin Method, read the section:

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