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The Significance of the Camoin Laws

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The Camoin Laws will be used for very different objectives.

1) First, they will be used to observe in what noticable way the symbols are placed in the Marseilles Tarot. They are the secret language of the Tarot. The observation of these laws and these codes make it possible to open one’s consciousness and increase intelligence, and to connect to the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of the Tarot.

2) Second, they will be used in the Camoin Method of Tarot Reading in order to make possible extremely precise readings. Thanks to these laws, full sentences write themselves before the eyes of the querent and the tarot reader. It is vastly different from the Celtic spread and the Cross, which do not allow the construction of such sentences. Thanks to these laws, the Tarot can express itself in its own language, a language which has its own grammar: its own verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.

3) Third, they will be used in order to decode ancient esoteric and religious texts. This is a much more complex application, related to a very important discovery of Philippe Camoin. You can find quite a few examples in the works and courses of Philippe Camoin.

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