The Law of Two

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The Law of Two is fundamental. I revealed in 1999 that the Law of Two in the Secret Codes of the Tarot is directly related to the doctrine of Dualism. Dualism is based on the two aspects of all that exists in the universe, including human beings. The two aspects are the earthly and the heavenly, the terrestrial and the celestial.

The Law of Two is based on the fact that certain identical symbols appear two times. Only a slight difference is distinguishable.

For example, the jars that appear in the Star and in Temperance. Or the sword appearing in Justice and in the Wheel of Fortune.

But the Law of Two could also be applied to one symbol which appears in two different cards. For example, the symbol of the house or the tower appears three times, in the House of God and in the Moon. Thus it belongs to the law of Three. But in fact, it only appears in two different cards; this symbol is therefore also subject to the Law of Two. The same can be said of the wheel, which can be found three times in the Chariot and the Wheel of Fortune (Law of Three), but in only two different cards (Law of Two).

Philippe Camoin

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