A question about work

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An example of reading for a career-related question:

Serge the Pastry Chef

Philippe Camoin Method Spread using the Minor Arcana in solution

First, in this reading, we will emphasise the symbols.

Serge’s Question (he is about 50): is the professional proposal that I’ve been given a good idea, will it succeed? I am a pastry chef.

Serge takes three cards. The Lover, the Popess, and the Sun are all reversed. The three cards being reversed indicates that there is a real blockage. Nevertheless, the cartes being favorable, it is possible to surmount this problem. Let us place three cards above which will cure the reversed cards.

Serge draws the Ten of Coins, the King of Wands and the Nine of Cups.

In the future position, the Nine of Cups represents water. And there is also water in the card the Sun. In the future column, what they have in common is therefore water, and also, there is no water present in the other cards. The Tarot is telling us that we need to pay attention to this.

Philippe Camoin: is this work located by the water?

Serge: yes, precisely.

We know already that the Tarot has spoken. We can give him confidence for the rest of the reading. That is important.

Philippe Camoin: what is this professional proposition?

Serge: I’m a pastry chef. I’ve been offered an opportunity to continue my trade in a more important structure, undoubtedly close to Nice.

In order for the Sun to be put upright, He must pass through the Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups, or the Hermit in the world of Cups.

Philippe Camoin: for a time you have to be separate from your wife and family in order to be able to do this work.

The Lover reversed indicates doubt and indecision à l’envers indique le doute et l’indécision in regard to accepting the job. The Ten of Coins, which provides the solution, shows that this job is completely feasible and financially very positive.

In the present, the Popess indicates an offer of a contract (the book). When the card is reversed, the commitment is not completely accepted. The solution to this problem, this hesitation, is the King of Wands. The King of Wands is holding a kind of pen as if he were signing something. The Tarot is telling us that he should sign the contract.

Serge: it’s not a real contract at the moment, it’s more of a moral contract.

Philippe Camoin: that’s not important. The Tarot expresses itself in parables. But there will surely be something to sign later on. You ought to accept this proposition.

The Lover reversed indicates a problem with with his spouse, which is solved by the Ten of Coins. The Ten of Coins represents financial success.

Philippe Camoin: If you bring home lots of money, it will all work out (bursts of laughter)

Serge: Yes, this job pays well.

We can place the Hermit over the Nine of Cups.

Philippe Camoin: The King of Wands is looking at the Nine of Cups, which is also the Hermit (IX) in the world of cups.

Thus, the King of Wands and the Hermit regard each other. The Hermit lights the way for the King of Wands. This King of wants is a builder. His wand—could it be also a rolling pin for pastries? He is surrounded by plates and glasses (Coins and Cups). He regards the Hermit. This means the solitude for a time that he must face is also his experience which he must transmit to others. He will thus become someone who helps others in time to become master pastry chefs.

Serge: yes, indeed, I will have to train some young apprentices.

It is by training the young apprentices (the Hermit who lights the way for others) that he will resolve his problem with the Sun in reverse, which means a problem communicating with others. He will gain confidence and no longer be shy. The communication problem is confirmed by the Lover reversed.

Turn the cards upright now that the problem has been resolved.

Conclusion: The Tarot is unambiguous. Serge is hesitating to accept this proposition and the Tarot tells him that he should sign, which means to accept. There will surely be a contract.

We had confirmation from Serge some time later that he had assumed his new post and responsibilities and that all was going very well. He is very happy.

Reading by Philippe Camoin

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