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Overview of the Tarot Courses


Historical revelations, Secret Laws of Tarot, Symbolic Language, Spirit of Tarot, Minor Arcana.


These two days are devoted to training in the initiatory structure and symbols encoded in the Tarot de Marseille, through explanation of the Camoin Diagram.
We will approach the subject from different angles: from numerology to astrology, passing through several cultures and religions.

You will then familiarize yourself with the language of Tarot by precisely studying its Laws of functioning.

These two days constitute an indispensible base for anyone who desires to understand what the Tarot de Marseille is really and how to read it, because we will learn to decipher how it expresses itself…

Major Arcana

Symbolism, Esoteric Psychology, Synchronicity, The path of self-discovery, A metaphysical machine


Detailed study of the multiple symbolisme contained in each of the 22 Major Arcana, and analysis of the keywords associated with them.
During this seminar, you will discover that the Tarot possesses a very precise vocabulary. Learning to use this language permits you to move toward a reading of Tarot that is more and more exact and correct.

Reading of the Tarot in accord with the Science of the Ancients using the Camoin method.


Two days entirely devoted to practice, with the help of Philippe Camoin in the reading method. A comprehensive approach and practical work with a view to integrating the syntax and vocabulary of used by the Tarot.


Synchronicity, the Secret Laws that govern the Tarot and the Reality that surrounds us.


Learn about esoteric psychology in the Tarot in connection with Dualism. This is not classical academic psychology, but the rather the psychological aspect of the spiritual pilgrim as seen by the Ancients through the symbols, the labors of Hercules, the 12 constellations, etc.

Minor Arcana

The Four Worlds. The Original Numerology.

  Theoretical course devoted completely to the 4 suits of the Tarot de Marseille, which is to say the 4 worlds corresponding to the 4 elements : Earth, Water, Air and Fire, or the 4 planes: material, emotional, energetic and mental.

Professional Reader

Training for Tarot professionals


Series of trainings for professional Tarot readers and non professionals intended principally (but not only) for alumni of French language classes. The best professional tarot readers of this training will eventually be invited to work with Philippe Camoin if they desire. This practicum on Tarot spreads takes place over three workshops of two days each, with the choice of which of the available dates to attend up to the student.

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