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Reading the Tarot in accord with the Science of the Ancients according to the "Philippe Camoin" Method.

This course is open only to students who have already attended the courses on the Secret Codes and the Minor Arcana.

Two days entirely devoted to practice, with the help of Philippe Camoin in the reading method. A comprehensive approach and practical work with a view to integrating the syntax and vocabulary of used by the Tarot.

Some students think that Philippe Camoin is a magician, especially when they see it take place in the Tarot readings in this course. During the spreads, the cards which appear are so eloquent that one might believe that it is the trick of an illusionist. And yet, it is not a trick. It is the Tarot that expresses itself according to a language which was decoded and revealed by Philippe Camoin. _Most powerful is when he transmits that special energy which makes the students themselves capable of phenomenal readings of Tarot which amaze those around them. It is an oral transmission of the power to read the cards. Then it will be their turn to be the "magicians".

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