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Introduction to the Camoin 3x7 Diagram

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In 1999, I revealed that by placing the cards of the Tarot de Marseille according to a precise diagram, an extremely complex structure could be found, a structure composed of codes and laws and which was unknown before my discovery. This structure appears in its entirety in the new Tarot de Marseille reconstructed through the collaboration of myself, Philippe Camoin, and of Alexandre Jodorowsky. This esoteric structure uses hundreds of symbols which have been properly restored in our deck.

This structure is not an imaginary structure. It consists of real, concrete and observable codes.

I arrived at this realization partly due to the fact that in the Tarot de Marseille, the accent is on the number 21 and not on the number 22, even though the 22 is also an important number. Tarot readers as a whole tend to think of the number 22 as both the number of cards in the Major Arcana and the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet. The habit thus began to explain the Tarot by associating a Hebrew letter with each card. But in the end it is not the Tarot which is taught that way, but the Hebrew Kabbala. The Tarot---is the Tarot. It is not a kind of by-product derived from the Kabbala. The Tarot is a science of its own, an incredibly complex science. And the discovery of the Camoin Diagram will finally make it possible to return to the Tarot its former splendour. Actually, the number 22 does not appear written in roman numerals in the Tarot de Marseille. It stops at the number 21 with Arcanum XXI.

Just as the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits, I understood that the secret codes of the Tarot, if they existed, would need to propose also a division within the Major Arcana. And since 21 is divisible by three, I realized that the Major Arcana needed to be divided into three rows of seven cards.

This left the problem of Le Mat, the Fool, which was left apart from the other cards. But, perhaps it is right that it is apart, because it has no number. So I revealed in 1999 that the Fool did not represent part of the path, but rather the spiritual pilgrim (Le Mat) on the one hand and the path (the Triple Septenaire) on the other.

Thus we find ourselves far from the usual meaning (and translation) of Le Mat, that of a fool. In fact, Le Mat is not a fool. He is a seeker on a pilgrimage, traveling on a path of initiation taking him toward resurrection (Arcanum XX) and cosmic consciousness (Arcanum XXI).

The Camoin 3x7 Diagram consists of two things:

  • 1) The mandala consisting of the Triple Septenaire accompanied by Le Mat, the Fool, which is apart and placed in the lower left. The Triple Septenaire is formed from three rows of seven cards stacked vertically. The bottom row goes from the Magician to the Chariot, the middle row from Justice to Temperance, and the top from the Devil to the World.
  • 2) The combination of codes which appear in the diagram and which are called the Camoin Codes.

The bottom row corresponds to the earthly plane, the middle row to the intermediary plane, and the top row to the heavenly plane.

The beauty of the Camoin 3x7 Diagram resides in the fact that it contains thousands of codes interconnecting with one another. And the observation of this structure makes possible a genuine shift in consciousness. The neuronal connections created through the observation of these codes allow a sort of organic computer program to develop which increases intelligence and connects us to the dimension of intuition….

Philippe Camoin

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