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Upward and Downward Spreads

There are two variants to positioning the cards in the Camoin method.

They are the downward spread or "variant of Le Bateleur" and the upward spread or "variant of Le Mat".

The two variants produce a relatively similar effect. Nevertheless, there is a slight difference at the energetic level.

In my teachings on the Secret Codes of the Tarot, I explain that Le Bateleur (the Juggler) and Le Mat form a dualistic pair. Le Bateleur is worldly and Le Mat is spiritual. The regard of Le Bateleur is downward while that of Le Mat is upward.

Following the regard, or gaze, of Le Bateleur, we work in the material world. Following the regard of Le Mat, we work on raising ourselves toward the spiritual.

During the year 2000, the energies of the planet changed. In only a few months, there was a noticeable shift in consciousness in the general population. People all of a sudden became interested in things from the invisible world. Many started to have various levels of personal spiritual experiences. The difference was spectacular.

In Europe, I thus decided to use the upwards variant in my courses. It answered the needs of an extremely rational population who, as a whole, believe neither in nature spirits nor in reincarnation. The students needed to integrate God and spirituality in the study of the Tarot.

In Japan, it was exactly the opposite: Japanese students especially needed to train themselves to accurately read the cards for very rational questions; for them, the downward variant was initially more suitable.

In the very near future, it will be the upward variant which will need to be mainly used everywhere on the planet, the alternative to the bottom being reserved for very material questions put by people having already integrated their spirituality.

Philippe Camoin

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