The basic premises

The Camoin Spread is essentially based on two principal rules:

When the figure in one of the cards looks or "regards" in a direction where a card has not been placed, then one draws a new card and places it in the direction of the regard. The new card can be placed upright or reversed. Philippe Camoin calls this law the "Law of the Regard".

When a card appears in reversed position, we say that it represents a problem. We therefore place another card above (or below) this card. This other card is always placed upright and represents the solution to the problem posed by the reversed card. Philippe Camoin calls this law the "Law of the Solution Card".

These two rules constitute the basis of the "Philippe Camoin Spread" or the "Philippe Camoin Reading Method" and they are the two rules that differentiate it from other spreads used by tarot readers. It is an original method.

* * *

Once these two laws are understood, they can be applied in a number of variations. For example, one can draw three cards and place them side by side horizontally, or four cards, or even more and to then observe the two rules which we have learned. These are still forms of the Philippe Camoin Spread.

There are thus several variants differing in the number of cards that are placed at the beginning. Philippe Camoin generally uses the three card variant, which is the one that gives the best result and which is completely in accord with the Secret Codes of the Tarot. (See The Three Card Spread (recommended))

The number of cards used at the beginning makes it possible to define the energy with which the spread will be carried out. If one draws three cards at the beginning, the energy is very different than if one poses four or five of them. It all depends on what one is looking for. In the same way, one can place the solution card above or below the reversed card. The energy and the ambiance of the spread will be different.

All of this is explained in detail in the teachings of Philippe Camoin.

* * *

All the variants are based on the movement of Le Mat as a s spatio-temporal and social reference in the Secret Codes of the Camoin Tarot… another revelation of Philippe Camoin (See Le Mat: the Spatiotemporal Frame of Reference of the Tarot)

* * *

This Method was copyrighted at the beginning of the year 2000.

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